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Moly Resin Overview

Moly Resin™ is a product trademark of John Norrell Inc. The thermally cured coatings are formulated from a phenolic resin base and molybdenum disulfide (a superior lubricant) with an exclusive blend of additives that create a phenolic coating that is a hard, durable, chemical and heat resistant state-of-the-art finish. Our low temperature catalyst hardens and bonds the coating to the surface to form a barrier to acids, oils, paint removers, powder solvents, bore cleaners and other strong industrial solvents. The low curing temperature also prevents possible heat damage to parts during the curing process. Moly Resin™ thermally cured coatings were developed for ordnance usage on equipment and weapons, providing excellent corrosion protection, abrasion resistance and lubricity to meet automatic weapon dry firing requirements. Available ready to apply. No thinning or dilution is needed.

Moly Resin™ will adhere to all properly prepared metal surfaces including the following: aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, copper and silver solder joints. Note: Blued, anodized, nickel and chrome plated surfaces may not allow the best adhesion and may need to be abrasive blasted to allow the best adhesion of the Resin. Parkerizing is an excellent metal prep for Moly Resin. For all metals, best overall results are achieved on freshly airblasted (with alumunum oxide) surfaces. Moly Resin™ is available in the following twenty four colors.

A note about the difference between a typical paint and coatings like Moly Resin. A typical paint is a formulation of pigments and other ingredients diluted with a solvent. When the solvent evaporates, the pigments harden and that hard residue is what is referred to as paint. Unfortunately, paint is susceptable and damaged easily and removed by many, if not most chemical solvents, acids, gun cleaners, bore cleaners, etc. Moly Resin™ thermal cure coatings are a complex mix of phenolics, polymers, etc. that are highly reactive to each other but kept from reacting by a catalyst mixed into the coating formula. The catalyst is activated by heat at a specific temperature. Once the catalyst is activated, a chemical reaction occurs between the various chemical to form a totally new substance. The new substance formed becomes very hard and resistant to the original solvents used to dissolve the original phenolics and other base resins, etc. This is why Moly Resin is not considered to be a paint.


Available Colors

GLOSSY BLACK - Very Glossy black that looks like an expensive black "blue-job" wet with oil.

Black in coloration with a non-reflective dull matte appearance. This a slightly darker shade compared to the above Grayish-Black Moly Resin™. Norrell Manufacturing supplies this Mil-Spec finish to the sub-contractors that manufacture US SOCOM (U.S. Special Operations Command) products for H&K and the U.S. Military such as the sound suppressor for the H&K Mark 23 SOCOM .45 Cal. pistol used by the Navy Seals and Special Forces. It is also used by a number of firearm manufacturers. Our most popular color.

BLACK Semi-Gloss
Black in coloration with a slight gloss that is similar in appearance to the H&K (Heckler & Koch) type finish. Good match to H&K, UZI, and other similar semi-gloss black guns.

Dark gray-black coloration with a flat appearance. This color is a very close match to the early original Colt model SP-1 AR-15 and M16-A1 finish. This is the same product that is purchased from us by the U.S. Military to refinish M-16's at various military bases and armories. The slight satin gloss may make the color appear slightly darker than the Flat Grayish-Black product.

A match to older gray military parkerizing including some very early Colt and Armalite M-16 rifles.

A lighter gray with no black tones.

GREEN Flat (Olive Drab)
Olive drab green is the official color of US uniforms from WWII through the introduction of camouflage patterned BDU's in the 80's.

This is a darker version of basic U.S. Military O.D. Green and is the same color as U.S. Military ammo cans.

A greenish shade of grey found along with slate grey and sand colors in the Army's new UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) on ACU uniforms. This color is sometimes called Lichen or Agave Green, Magpul Foliage Green and Tango Down Foliage Green.

TAN Flat
Tan Flat is the new U.S. Military mid-east desert tan 30118 color, fed standard 595B. Also known as Dark Earth or Coyote Brown.

Basic U.S. Military flat brown.

RED Flat, WHITE Flat, BLUE Flat, YELLOW Flat and PINK Semi-Gloss
The white is flat eggshell shade and the blue,red and yellow are medium shades. Yellow and pink will required a white undercoat to get the full yellow and pink colors. The pink is the full pink color of pepto bismol.

The appearance of glass beaded stainless steel when applied over any type of metal. A pleasantly surprising match to real stainless. Used primarily to color match small parts such as scope rings, bases, and other parts, etc. when they are not available in stainless; however, other uses include pistol frames with colored slides to create popular two tone handguns.

Moly Resin phenolic resin with no coloration pigments or additives for lubrication. Can be applied over a cured colored Moly Resin coating or to bare metal.

New ! Grayish-Black Semi-Gloss (Satin)
GRAYISH-BLACK Semi-Gloss is slightly more glossy than the Flat Grayish-Black product commonly used to duplicate the Colt AR-15 Model SP1 and M16A1 rifles of the 1970s and 1980s.

This is the more recent match to color used by numerous AR15 polymer stock and forearm manufacturers. Just slightly darker than standard Tan Flat Dark Earth. Manufacturers of polymer parts may have slightly different shades of their desired colors in each run of their parts. Always test spray first on scrap metal.

Matched to Magpul Stealth Gray stocks and forearms. Manufacturers of polymer parts may have slightly different shades of their desired colors in each run of their parts. Always test spray first on scrap metal. See color on Magpul website

Magpul O.D. GREEN Flat
Matched to Magpul O.D. Green flat stocks and forearms. Manufacturers of polymer parts may have slightly different shades of their desired colors in each run of their parts. Always test spray first on scrap metal. See color on Magpul website®-carbine-stock-1

Magpul TAN (Flat Dark Earth) Flat
Matched to Magpul Tan (Flat Dark Earth) which is a little lighter but more tan than standard Flat Dark Earth. Manufacturers of polymer parts may have slightly different shades of their desired colors in each run of their parts. Always test spray first on scrap metal.

AIR DRY FLAT BLACK, TAN and GREEN - Designed to be used for stocks, plastics, and some other parts that may be damaged by curing at 300 degrees. Not designed for barrels, receivers and metal firearm parts. This product replaces the need to use two part epoxy type coatings or when curing heat sensitive parts at 300 degrees are not acceptable. AIR DRY FLAT Black is applied with an airbrush and hardens in approximately 90 minutes. AIR DRY Moly Resin is designed for properly prepared scopes, stocks, forearms, plastic grips, etc. It is not suitable for finishing barrels, receivers and other large metal parts. The Air Dry tan, green and black are not meant to be exact color matches to the thermal cured tan, black or O.D. Green products. Please read the Characteristics and Benefits and Procedures and Tips sections for details of use and application.

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