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Characteristics and Benefits

MOLY RESIN Coatings...

  • Easy to Apply
  • Dissipates Heat
  • Self Lubricating
  • Six colors available
  • No Dilution Required
  • Use Home Oven to Cure
  • Low Temperature Curing
  • Non-Reflective Appearance
  • Rust and Corrosion Preventative
  • Resists Temperatures 800 f+ and -125 f.
  • Thin Flexible film allows reassembly of parts
  • Can be applied to all metals and most plastics.
  • Currently used by U.S. Government Contractors.
  • Meets Mil-Specs for 60-day seawater immersion.
  • All metals and plastics will match in color when coated.
  • Can be applied over original existing finish or sandblasted surfaces.
  • Currently used by numerous firearm manufacturers, gun shops and individuals.
  • Meets Mil-Specs for accelerated salt spray tests equivalent to 30 years marine environment.
  • Meets Mil-Specs for immersion in acids, powder solvents, paint removers, bore cleaners, etc.

Moly Resin was specifically designed for firearm owners. In the past, a similar finish was obtainable only by vatting or plating your firearm. Now, finally a product that can easily be applied in your shop or at home. Simply degrease, pre-heat part(s), spray with Moly Resin , and cure in your oven for one hour. Moly Resin can also be applied over existing finishes such as bluing, parkerizing, anodizing, plating, etc. or on a sandblasted surface. The coating adheres to all metals and most plastics.


The bonded coating will appear uniform in color, smooth and free from cracks, runs, sags, scratches, pin holes, blisters, bubbles, and foreign matter.

The optimal thickness of the coating will be between .0003" and .0009" unless a thicker coating is desired. The thin coating characteristics of less than one thousands of an inch allows easy re-assembly of precision fitted parts

Moly Resin contains molybdenum disulfide, which provides excellent anti-friction characteristics. Wear life is comparable to blued, parkerized and other common firearm finishes. Moly Resin is a phenolic Resin that when thermally cured, produces the most durable thermally cured painted surface of any products on the market. Wear life when tested on Tabor Abrasurf with #CS10 wheel installed @ 500 grams weight minimum 235 RPM's.

Thermal Stability:
The cured coating will withstand exposure at 500 f for 1000 hours minimum and 1000 hour minimum soak at -125 f. Minimum initial oxidation temperature is 880 f. Thermal breakaway is 1000 f minimum.

Fluid Resistance:
Moly Resin will meet 24 hour emersion requirements in the following fluids: aviation gasoline, hydraulic fluid, jet fuel, lubricating oils, paint removers, trichlorethylene, nitric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acids, hydrogen peroxide, gun powder solvents, strong bases such as ammonium and sodium hydroxide, and numerous other strong chemicals.

Corrosion Resistance:
Moly Resin, when applied to bare sandblasted cold rolled steel will pass the test procedures for salt water spray at 1000 hours, salt water immersion at a minimum of 1000 hours, accelerated salt spray test equivalent to 30 years marine atmosphere exposure, and 60 days sea water immersion.

Hardness meets and/or exceeds the hardness of any Epoxy,Teflon or most other thermally cured firearm coating or paints on the market. hardness for thermal cured Moly resin exceed a 9H on the paint hardness scale.

Moly Resin is a thermally cured coating, therefore, it is temperature sensitive. Storage should be in a cool area that is out of the sun. Under normal conditions, expect shelf-life of one year or longer. If you are able to store the product in a refrigerator, the life is extended significantly.

Air Dry Moly Resin Air Dry Moly Resin will survive a 12 hour soak in MEK (paint remover) and is harder than 9H on a hardness scale. It is also very abrasive resistant. It sprays thicker than temperature cured Moly Resin products and will not take extreme temperatures like regular Moly Resin, therefore, it is not designed for hot barrels or internal parts that have extreme tolerance fitting. It is for use on stocks, scopes, plastics and other surfaces that can't be heated to 300 for curing. It should be noted that applying the lighter colors of air dry or thermal cure Moly Resin products over pre-existing dark finishes like parkerizing may impact the desired color. It is always best to freshly blast the metal for lighter colors. For the darker colors of Moly Resin, they may be applied over a darker finish like parkerizing with no impact on color. The end result is that you have a hard coating that will not come off when strong industrial chemicals, firearm solvents, bore cleaners, etc. come in contact with the coating. Air Dry Moly is water based so you may thin and clean up with water if required.

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